mercredi 3 août 2016

Outlander costume!

Hi! here is mu finished ''Outlander'' inspired costume. It is not exactly like the costumes on the show, but clearly inspired by it. I changed the color patterns a little, and based the bodice on a pattern in ''Patterns of fashion'' that was of the right style and era. The fabric was a complete surprise, as I stumbled upon a massive sale at Fabricland and found some dark blue tweed and a cream/brown plaid fabric for a very good price. I had already made the cowl and had the mitts for a while. I had some purple linen left and thought it would make a nice stomacher.

Anyway, here is the result!

I made pocket slits in the skirt and some hanging pockets to wear underneath. Claire wouldn't survive without those pockets!

And off with the wool! It actually was a really hot day when we took these pictures. A little while longer and I would have litteraly melted in a puddle! Wearing a tweed dress at 30˚C in july is maybe not the best plan. 

Funnily enough my bodice ended up looking a LOT like a bodice Claire wears in episode 11 of the 2nd season.  I'm planning to make another stomacher eventually, in a cream color this time, as to look more like the original version.  Now all I need is to find myself a Jamie!

jeudi 14 juillet 2016

Fantasy Costume (OUAT Snow White Inspired)


I've finished a new costume, yay! For the other costumers out there, isn't it exciting the moment you put the final touch on a costume? And then when you finally put it all on and take the pictures. Such Fun!

Anyway, I've been working on off on this one for a while. I bought the fabric for the vest and pants almost two years ago when I wanted to make a Snow White cosplay (the version from Once Upon a Time) But then I didn't, and lost interest in the show. The costumes in the show are still awesome though and I wanted to do something with the fabric. So I altered the design a little and went with fabrics I already had.

So I basically kept a similar design with the coat, but changed the color pattern and made palazzo pants instead of the tight pants and weird skirt thingy Snow had in the show. I also had enough fabric for a cloak and wanted to make one anyway, so I made that too. Here are the pictures!

I'm quite happy with it in the end! It's a tad too big, but not by much. Now I'm off to continue working on my new ''Outlander'' costume! 

lundi 4 juillet 2016

Things I'm working on right now...

Hi! So I've been rather busy these days, even if I'm not posting much! Preparing frantically for the Jans Austen festival, trying to keep up my two etsy shops open and making various costumes for myself too. Here are a few pics!

This is a lovely reversible cape I made for this little lady's 2nd birthday. I also made another one for my shop. Pictured below . Click HERE for the listing

This turban is also in my shop, click HERE for the listing. It's made of vintage sari fabric and has got some beading along the brim. 

As for my own costume projects, I made this purple silk cloak. I'm still waiting for the clasps I ordered to arrive in the mail so I can finish it. 

This in a Snow White (OUAT) inspired costume. I made it slightly different, binding the edges and lining it with purple silk instead of cream, and instead of the tight pants and the weird skirt thing she has I made some beige Palazzo pants. I'm almost done with it, I just need to take the time to pose the metal eyelets everywhere for the sleeve and belt lacing. 

And these are poor pictures of my new Regency dress. I will have good pictures taken when I'll be in Bath :)

That's about it for now! Costume post coming soon to show off my Snow White outfit, as soon as I can finish it all. 

mercredi 13 avril 2016

Regency Fairy Sneak Peek

Hello again :) So as you might know I am going back to England in september for the Jane Austen festival (seems like I'm addicted now). My friends and I will organize a fairy themed Regency party so I needed a fairy variation on a Regency outfit. Here it is!

I took a cream drawstring dress I already had, and added a flower crown (made with fake flowers and ribbons) and some sort of ribbon belt. I made the wings with organza and a wire frame, and voilà! Must be one of the quickest and easiest costumes I made haha!


Hi! Here is my new Rey cosplay :) I finished it a couple of weeks ago but we've had really bad weather, so I was waiting for a sunny day to take some pics. Here they are!

I'm quite happy with it, I found wearing it that it needs a few adjustments, like the tunic part needs to be fixed in a few places to keep in place, and I need to make proper arm wraps (as in sewing the bandages on some sleeves or something, so that they stay in place). 

The bracelet and belt were made with faux-leather, and the pouch with a piece of suede I had. I know they're not exactly as the original, but I like them. 

mardi 29 mars 2016

Finally! 18th Century Caraco Jacket DONE!

Hi! So I've been rambling about making an 18th century outfit for ages, and talking about my caraco jacket for a while. Well, here it is at last!!! It is made with an old duvet cover that I upcycled, and the skirt is made with a burnt orange fabric I bought. I made some bum pads to go underneath, and used other petticoats I already had for layers. It started as a whim of the moment ''let's try this and see how it turns out' sort of thing, but turns out I am really really pleased with it!! I will most certainly be wearing it at 18th century events at one point.

And now, photos!

The ribbon was all box pleated by hand. The Pattern is taken from Patterns of fashion 1 by Janet Arnold.  I had a hard time adjusting it, it being my first 18th century outfit (apart from the stays I made a while ago) The second try worked well, and apart from a little patched up bit in the lining (I ran out of fabric) there are no signs of the failed first attempt. It closes in the front with hools and eyes and has two steel bones down the front to keep shape. The sleeves are slightly too wide to my taste but it still works. 

The linen cap was inspired from an old french drawing. I am selling similar styles of linen caps on my new Etsy shop, JaneAndThe Pineapple. I am currently out of stock but have a couple on my sewing table, so you should see them within a week or so. I can also do custom orders if you have something specific in mind :)

We are planning on doing another photo session with this costume in summer, with a basket of vegetables for a portrait my sister will paint!